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Hi Everyone!!!!!

Deb and I have our FFL and operate as.... 

"Ken and Deb Guns LLC"

Our focus is to assist you with finding the right gun that fits your hand and budget.....

We offer a variety of hand-guns, in various calibers / gun sizes for conceal-carry / personal protection as well as guns suited for avid sportspersons.

We offer FFL Transfers at a nominal fee of $27.00 for the first gun on a 4473 and an additional $5 per gun up to 25 guns.  Please call before having a firearm shipped to us so that we may plan for its arrival!

Since we are operating on a small scale (from our garage), an appointment is needed.

Contact us for details / what you need! If we don't have it on hand, we can order it.

For personalized service, please call (757) 868-6054

"Ken and Deb Guns LLC" is a Christian owned and Veteran operated company.

This site is frenquently updated so check back often!