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More Than Two Million Americans are Now First-Time Gun Owners

Click the link to read more! More Than Two Million Americans are Now First-Time Gun Owners  Read More

Controlling Your Fear

A very good read! Controlling Your Fear  Read More


Now that the pandemic is winding down, more and more people are cinsidering traveling by auto rather than air or rail. Are you considering cross country traveling with your personal CCW?  Knowing the laws for each state you will be passing through before crossing the state line is a must. The NRA has done an excellent job putting together the site at the link below. KNOW THE LAWS BY STATE!  Read More


Article recommended Tessa D. This article contains great information.  Please consult the TSA web site regarding traveling with firearms aboard air transportation, public transportation carriers policies, and also applicable states firearm Laws. Click the link below to read the article! WHAT TO CONSIDER BEFORE TRAVELING WITH A FIREARM  Read More

Is it safe for parents to keep guns in their homes?

Post Recommended by Tessa D,  Click the below link to read the article. Is it safe for parents to keep guns in their homes?  Read More

CCW: Expect the Unexpected

Click the link to read. CCW: Expect the Unexpected  Read More

4 Tips To Choose a Defensive Handgun

In what seems to be a daunting task to select the right Defensive Handgun for you, this article gives a little to consider before a final choice is made. 4 Tips To Choose a Defensive Handgun  Read More

Latest Smith & Wesson Shield is EZ–New .380 Single-Stack M&P 2.0

Click the link below to read about Smith & Wesson newest addition the Shield Line up! Smith & Wesson Shield is EZ–New .380  Read More

Top 5 Things I Wish I Knew....

Folks, no lengthy discussion from me on this one. Pay close attention to # 5 in the list of reasons!  Click the link below and enjoy the read! Top Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Carrying a Concealed Handgun  Read More

Frame of Mind - Mental Imagry

Many if not all individual or group success stories could most likely be attributed to frame of mind.  If you think you can and can mentally image yourself leading the competition.... you most likely will find success! This article has some helpful tips to assist you with attaining your Mental Imagary. Take a look at the pictuer above and note the concentration and the grip..... Click here to read the article.  Read More

Handgun Accuracy

Straight from the pages of the NRA is a traing drill that everyone can do to improve their marksmanship! Training Tip: Handgun Accuracy This shooting drill lets you evaluate just how accurate you are with a handgun. Take a 3" x 5" index card and send it out to a distance of 15 feet. If you are at a range with a fixed backstop, move back 15 feet. Shoot a five-shot group. If all of the shots are on the index card, send it back out another 5 feet. Replace the index card and shoot a five-shot group from 20 feet. If all five shots are there, then replace the file card and move to 25 feet. Keep moving further out with every completed five-shot group. If you fail to hit all five shots, you have to bring the ta...  Read More

Which Gun is Best?

A bit if a song I used to sing in grade school choir, “Here I go a wandering, along the mountain path, and when I do I like to sing” errrr now days - carry ______________.  Please fill in the blank!             You just never know what you may happen upon in the woods or even in your rural neighborhood for that matter.  I never hurts to “be prepared” (hey, isn’t that the motto of the Boy Scouts?).             The below article is a must read before venturing into the deep woods where the lions and tigers and bears may roam.  Well you may never run into any lions or tigers but from what I have been hearing lately, the bear population is on the rise.             Before you start reading the article let me leave you with this:  Please ch...  Read More

Active Shooter....

In light of the tragedy which took place in Las Vegas, I feel compelled to say something... Who would have ever thought someone would have a desire to do egregious bodily harm to fellow human beings?  I have a funny feeling every victim of a violent act was asking the same question....  Since man was given the freedom of choice, some have chosen to do good and some ultimately decide to do harm. Since predicting what choices that any given man may make is not possible with 100% accuracy, having an appropriate plan for safety, in this case “Active Shooter Plan”, can be drafted, trained, evaluated, improved, train on the improvements.... I believe you get the picture here. The Department of Homeland Security has crafted at least two publ...  Read More

More on Campus Carry Concealed Carry

Follow the link: "More on Campus Carry in Texas, Georgia, and Kansas" A very interesting read! Enjoy! Ken Kelley NRA Instructor & Manager Ken & Deb Guns LLC  Read More

Concealed Carry on Campus

Concealed Carry on Campus? Many different college campuses around the country have authorized the Concealed Carry of guns by those who meet the legal requirements to do so. The following link will take you to an article posted in "thecollegian" the Kansas State University campus news publication. "No gun incidents reported following change in campus carry policy" Enjoy the read! Ken Kelley NRA Instructor & Manager Ken & Deb Guns LLC  Read More

Gun Safety

Hello Everyone!  Being new to writing Blogs, I promise to be brief.  First things first....  We are not here just to sell guns and make fast money! Our passion is gun safety and shooting.  With an objective of consistently hitting the target where we are aiming.  However to get to that point we "first" had to learn 3 basic rules of "Gun Safety".  I am sure most folks who visit and purchase from our store already know the rules however, a review never hurts.  This first post is not only a refresher for the experienced but for the individuals new to shooting who may not have this down quite yet, if at all.  Taken straight from the NRA's gun safety rules page: 1.   ALWAYS Keep The Gun Pointed In A Safe Direction This is the primary rule ...  Read More